Cookbook Winners

Congratulations to the winner of the “Design a Divider for the Pequea Elementary Community Cookbook Art Contest”.

  • – Appetizer & Beverages          Trinity Stouff
  • – Soup & Salad                           Arianna Malpica
  • – Vegetables & Side Dishes    Jerrod Lundberg
  • – Main Dishes                           Amber Margoline
  • – Breads & Rolls                        Arianna Malpica
  • – Cookies & Candies                Morgan Smoker
  • – Desserts                                   Dakota Weber
  • – This & That                             Tiana Ferko

Each winner will receive:

–  Their drawing will be published in the Pequea Community Cookbook

–  A $25 gift card to Park City Center as well as

The PTO would like to thank all the students who spend a lot of time and effort to submit their entries. We could not make this possible without you!

Please do not forget, advance sales coupons for the cookbook are available at the school office,  Cookbook Committee, and at the Meet the Teacher Night. Each book is on sale for only $10. The proceeds will go to the various projects and events  that the PTO will hold during the school year.