Your Child’s Math Book is on-line.

Have you ever been trying to help your child with a homework assignment and your child continues to remind you that the teacher taught it different at school?    If this is the case for you, I have a solution.   Your child’s math book is available on-line for you to access.   There are also many resources available to you.    You can access math vocabulary explanations, basic fact practice by grade level and reinforcement activities.    21st century learning at work for you.

Below are the directions to access the student math online plus from home.

1.  Go to

2.  Click on desired grade level and click on Studentworks Plus Online.

3.  It will ask for a code to enter to view the textbook.  Below is the list of codes for each grade level:

Kindergarten:     C5AA3D1C05

1st Grade:     D6FFE73DD6

2nd Grade:     F765640977

3rd Grade:    DA4F562186

4th Grade:     E3488CCEF0

5th Grade:     E3F898A3AB

6th Grade:     F066E2B8F1

Once the code is entered, it will load the student text on-line.  You can view it one page at a time or use the double page lay out.   This can be a wonderful resource to you.