Out went the lights…..

Today Pequea Elementary School experienced a power outage.   We had an interruption early in the day and then lost power around 11:00.  This was right before we were getting ready to serve 400 children lunch.    That made for an interesting day.

The interruption was caused by an external breaker box problem.   I am sure if you were at home, you experienced the same interruption.     We were able to postpone lunch and serve all of the children before the PACES for PEQUEA event.   This was with the help of many parent volunteers and teachers who changed hats to help.    These are the many reasons that I love working at Pequea.   Our team is incredible and we can make it through any problem that comes our way, as long as we have each other.

The children had their own predictions about what was going on at school.   They immediately tied the lights out to something associated with Halloween.   I think this provided their creative minds with another writing topic.

Have a wonderful weekend.