PTO Gathering/Meeting Reminder

Thursday, November 4 @ 7pm in the Library

We will discuss the outcome of “Pacing for Pequea” fundraiser as well as the Budget of the Pequea PTO for 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. If you would like to know more about the allocation of the PTO funds, please join us this Thursday for our monthly PTO meeting. You will also have a chance to look through the “Pacing for Pequea” sponsors, so you can send a personal thank you note to your child’s sponsor.

A guest speaker will be joining our meeting:

Mrs. Semple / Topic: Bullying

Mrs. Semple will give Parents some basic information about bullying, and how to recognize the difference between normal peer conflict and bullying. We will discuss some ways that parents can help their children if they are a target of bullying, as well as what kinds of programs are in place at Pequea to prevent and stop bullying.

Childcare will be offered free of charge. Please RSVP to or 464-2109

We reserve the right to cancel/change the guest speaker if necessary.

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