Goodness Gorilla Pumpkin Patch Penny War Results

The Goodness Gorillas would like to congratulate everyone who participated in our Pumpkin Patch Penny Wars. As a school, we raised $360.98! Way to go Pequea! Fourth Grade was our penny war winner! They were the only grade with positive results! Fourth grade will work together to decide with charity we donate our proceeds!

Grade Pennies Silver/Paper Total
Kindergarten $1.68 $36.55 -$34.87
First $5.68 $17.05 -$11.37
Second $6.06 $37.55 -$31.49
Third $12.32 $28.70 -$16.38
Fourth $39.67 $20.55 $19.12
Fifth $20.20 $34.85 -$14.65
Sixth $40.92 $59.20 -$18.20

Author: Mr. Bower

I teach third grade at Pequea Elementary School in the Penn Manor School District.