Breakfast Reminders

Pequea is a proud breakfast provider.   Breakfast opens at 8:30 AM.   Mrs. Bachman is the supervisor during breakfast.   Recently, she is reporting that children have been coming to breakfast too early and they are engaging in rough play during the breakfast time.   I have reviewed the following rules for breakfast with the children.    If your child plans to attend breakfast, please review these rules with your son or daughter.

Breakfast opens at 8:30 AM.

  • Children may not enter the cafeteria before 8:30.
  • Children should not enter the cafeteria unless Mrs. Bachman is in the cafeteria.
  • There is no rough play during breakfast.
  • If you are in the cafeteria, you are to be eating breakfast.   Only children eating breakfast should enter the school early.   (Some older children have been using this as a social time before school.)
  • Children who do not behave during breakfast, will not be allowed to attend.

I appreciate your help to reinforce these rules.

Mrs. Sugra

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