Do you have a text plan?

If you are a person who likes to text or communicate via text message.    We have a way for you to sign up for pequea information to come to you via a textblast.   Just sign up by sending a text message to 41-411 and type in the subject line:  Pequeainfo.   (It must be one word.)  You will get an immediate text message announcing that you joined the Pequea information group.   PLEASE NOTE:  EVEN IF YOU SIGNED UP BEFORE, YOU MUST SIGN UP AGAIN!   I apologize for this inconvenience.    The free company requires that I use the text blast at least once a week to keep it active.    Standard text message costs apply depending on your carrier.     There is also a link on the side of this blog to help you.    Thank you.

Author: wpengine

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3 thoughts on “Do you have a text plan?”

  1. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I keep getting a response that says Pequeainfo doesn’t exist?

  2. Figured it out. Pequeainfo needed to be in the message body not on subject line for my cell phone provider =) Such a handy service to parents I really like it!

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