State of the District Meeting

If you have been following the news, you are probably aware of the impending financial issues confronting states, cities, towns, and School Districts. The effects of the economic downturn are felt around the country as communities wrestle with maintaining levels of service while being faced with shrinking revenue streams. Our School District is no exception.

The Superintendent and the Business Manager are currently conducting State of the District Meetings to discuss the 2010-2011 budgets, financial projections for the coming years and the potential impact on educational and co-curricular programs.

*Notes from the Business Manager, Chris Johnston:

There are many financial challenges facing Penn Manor, but we have been planning for these issues for years. The district has been lauded by state auditors, local auditors, and local legislators for the way we have handled our finances. We have placed ourselves in a position that will allow us to carefully consider our options. Changes will be coming. However, our strong financial standing will ensure that they will have time to move forward carefully and make the appropriate changes.

*Shrinking Revenue Streams:

Like other School Districts, Penn Manor has few options when it comes to funding our educational programs. The majority comes from property taxes. Act 1 was passed several years ago and placed limits on school’s abilities to raise taxes above state imposed index. Penn Manor is proud that they have been able to keep tax increases down in the past ten years.

If you like to find out more about other sources of revenue, cutting expenses, what to expect, or simply what is next. Please come and meet Dr. Lichtleiter our Superintendent and Mr. Chris Johnston our Business Manager. Everyone is invited.

When:  Thursday, February 10th

Time:  7:00 PM

Where:  Pequea Elementary – All Purpose Room

This meeting will be followed by our PTO meeting. Free Childcare can be provided with prior sign up at

*Above and Beyond Magazine Winter 2010 Issue