Changes for April


There are two very important changes coming in April that I wanted to make you aware of in advance.    The first change revolves around our lunch  menu.   Every month Mrs. Campbell copies 800 lunch calendars.   (It is double because of the breakfast and lunch menu being back to back.)   To reduce copy counts and to save paper, we will not be printing these for everyone.   There is a direct link to the lunch menu under the “LINKS” tab on our Pequea blog or you can use the link listed below.    Your family can choose to print out a copy or you can save the PDF to your desktop and access it every day.   If your family would still like a lunch menu printed at school, we will have copies available in the office.    Every child will be granted time or access to get a calendar printed if that is your wish.

Click HERE for lunch menu.

The second change is harder, but I support based on security recommendations from external sources.    Starting in April if you are volunteering in our school you will need to exchange something at the front desk in order to obtain a visitor’s lanyard.    This means you will need to leave a license, set of keys or picture I.D. with Mrs. Campbell before you head to a classroom to assist our teachers and kids.   This initiative revolves around safety for our children and also the safety of the person entering our school.    Kathy and I love the small feel of our school.   We love all of the parents who join us weekly to join in on a variety of activities.  This new measure will not take that feel away, it will just add a security step that is highly recommended by the safety experts.   If you have any questions regarding this new procedure, please do not hesitate to call my office directly.   464-3831 x 3801.

Again, I thank you for your support of our school.   It is supports like these that make our school great.