How do I view my child’s math book online?

To promote the viewing of our online textbooks we are kicking off a new incentive. Log onto our blog, watch the video and do something in the math book on line. Post a comment about how you used the on-line math book. Once you post a comment and it gets approved, Mrs. Sugra will provide the student who posts with a principal pride slip.

To see a brief movie on how to access our math textbook online, please click on the following link.

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3 thoughts on “How do I view my child’s math book online?”

  1. Thank-you Mrs. Sugra for a step-by-step video on how to use the Math Tools. It was very informative.

  2. We have used this tool SEVERAL times this year…you can also print out the pages from their homework workbook, if your child forgets to bring it home! We have also used it to look up words/concepts that I was unfamiliar with…I’m not sure if Matt likes have it so readily available, but I certainly do! Thanks!

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