End of the year changes….

It is always hard to believe when the school year comes to an end. I know the children are ready once the warm weather hits and they want to play more outside.

This year we will wish Mrs. Linda Deal a happy retirement. We wish Mrs. Deal the absolute best. Miss Megan Urban and Mr. John Matusek will also be leaving our school. Miss Urban will be teaching fourth grade at Martic Elementary School next year and Mr. Matusek will be teaching sixth grade at Central Manor Elementary School next year. I refuse to say goodbye to any of these teachers, because I know they will always be a part of our school.

To fill the Discover position, we will welcome Mrs. Lori Orihuel to Pequea Elementary School. We will also welcome Ms. Megan Quinn to teach sixth grade next year. I am sure everyone will help me to welcome our new teachers to our school.