School supplies for 2011-2012

Next year the Pequea staff is asking for parent assistance to help provide a few supplies for your child throughout the school year. We have posted this list so if you need to check over the summer you can access this list.

1st grade:
#2 pencils
Glue sticks (two large or 4 small)
Crayons (16 pack only)
Plastic Pencil Box with name written on

2nd grade:
crayons (a 16 or 32 pack only)
pencils ~ many throughout the year
2 large glue sticks
a pencil box to keep belongings

3rd grade:
5 folders (red, blue, yellow, green, orange)
pencil tip erasers
#2 pencils throughout the year
crayons (16 or 24 pack) or colored pencils
2 glue sticks

4th grade:
5 subject notebook
crayons/colored pencils
pencils with erasers
glue stick
5 folders

5th grade:
Glue sticks
Crayons or markers (16 or 24 pack only)
2 or 3 Highlighters
Expo markers (black)
Five pocket folders

6th grade
3-Ring Trapper Keeper/Binder
4 – Three Whole Punched Folders
#2 Pencils & Pens
Notebook Paper

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