OH, SO CLOSE… ONLY $400 to Go!!!

The Paces for Pequea fundraiser was held Friday during school hours.  All the students had a great time walking, dancing, skipping jumping, and running.  Friday was also the final deadline to raise $15,000 and have Ms. Santaniello and Mrs. Campbell sleep on the school roof overnight.

We came OH, SO CLOSE missing the goal by only $400.  Ms. Santaniello and Mrs. Campbell have graciously extended the deadline ONE MORE DAY (Monday) to allow the students to bring in any final donations.

In return, if you missed the opportunity to donate to the school on behalf of your child, THIS IS THE TIME DO IT!  This is a great opportunity to finally get them on the roof (after missing it last year), and create a memorable night that students and parents will not soon forget.

$400 BY Monday Deadline = Ms. Santaniello on the Mrs. Campbell sleeping on the roof= Happy Students