Canned Food Drive Ends Friday, November 18.

Pequea Families,

Our canned food drive is starting out slowly. Goodwin the Gorilla and Bennie the Benevolent Banana took a stroll around the school and there are some empty boxes! Which teacher do you want to get a pie in the face?!?!?

We’re only collecting canned vegetables, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Participating teachers are listed below in alphabetical order. We only have one week to go! Lets collect those cans to benefit families in need over the holiday season.  Parent/teacher conferences are also a great time to stop off at your local grocery store before coming to your conference to purchase items for the food drive! Have your son or daughter empty your car that’s full of canned vegetables, cranberry sauce and gravy while you meet with your son or daughter’s teacher!

  • Mr. Bower
  • Mrs. Drexel (First Grade)
  • Mrs. Drexel (Kindergarten)
  • Mrs. Frazier
  • Mrs. Haverstick
  • Mrs. Kyper
  • Mr. Miller
  • Mrs. Radcliff
  • Mrs. Rote
  • Ms. Santaniello
  • Mrs. Snyder
  • Ms. Quinn
  • Mrs. Witmer (First Grade)