March Madness

Pequea Parents/Guardians,
Our PTO is holding a March Madness competition between the classrooms. Teachers, students, and their families are encouraged to collect Box Tops, Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education, and Moo Money from Turkey Hill milk. March Madness officially will begin by the end of this week and will end Friday, March 30.
The PTO also created a really cool bulletin in the cafeteria of a basketball court and each participating classroom teacher is a basketball player. Each Monday in March,  a PTO representative will come in before school and move “the players” across the lunch room March Madness bulletin board with each classes GRAND total collected of Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels, & Moo Money.
Classrooms have already begun collecting and the current totals are listed below. It looks as though Mrs. Snyder is in the lead, but don’t count out our resilient competitors! The class with the most points at the end-of-March earns a prize. However, the greatest prize is the money we’re raising to help our school!
Total Currently:

SLAM DUNK FIRST PLACE:  Synder (2,422)
Kyper            (1,720)
D. Drexel      (1,584)
Leisure         (1,313)
Witmer          (1,295)
Quinn            (1,118)
Radcliff         (927)
Frazier           (914)
Bower          (892)
Drexel PM   (813)
Haverstick   (684)
Miller            (610)
Drexel AM   (589)
Rote             (586)
Polaski        (270)