National School Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Pequea Families,

Every month of the school year, in darkness and daylight, bitter cold and brutal heat, Pequea Elementary school bus drivers travel miles upon miles to deliver our precious school students to Pequea and then home again. The breadth and scope of that responsibility is great and the hours are difficult. The position of a school bus driver requires tremendous responsibility; they have to maneuver through traffic regardless of road conditions while maintaining the conduct of the children on the bus.

busweekAmerica’s 480,000 school buses comprise the largest mass transportation fleet in the country, two and one half times the size of all other forms of mass transportation – transit, intercity buses, commercial airlines, and rail– combined. School bus drivers deliver their young passengers safely to class and extracurricular activities in both fair and foul weather.

The third full week in October is a national event to honor our outstanding school bus drivers for the vital role they play in assuring that students arrive safely and promptly at their destinations each day.

During Bus Driver Appreciation Week, we encourage parents and students to find a way to let their school bus driver know they’re valued. Older students can write a thank you note while younger students could color a picture showing their appreciation. A small gesture means so much to our drivers!