VIP Luncheon

We look forward to all of our guests on Thursday, November 13th.  A few reminders:

  1.  Please try to carpool with your friends & family as our parking is very limited.  Please do not park in our neighbors’ yards/driveways.  Also, if you plan to be here anytime after 1:00, please do NOT park along the curbs at the front of our building or in the rear near the gym.  These spaces need to be open after 1:00 for our buses that stagger in for dismissal.
  2.  You are welcome to shop at the Book Fair, with or without your child, following lunch.

  3.  No visitors should be on the playground.  You are a VIP to your child but to the other students you may be a stranger.

  4.  No children will be dismissed prior to our 1:30 dismissal.  If you would like to wait for your child, you are welcome to do so outside of the cafeteria doors (drop-off/pick-up location).