First Friday at Pequea Elementary

Today our students participated in their first victory lap of our house system.  The house with the most points this year so far, was Awali and they took their victory lap with pride! This is a fun celebration of positive camaraderie among our entire school.  

Following the victory lap, all houses had their first house meeting in various location throughout the building.  This is a chance for students to connect with friends and teachers of all grade levels. At this time, students were also divided into smaller groups, known as families.  This will help build relationships among the larger house and across grade levels.

During the house meeting, we had a GREAT reveal for EVERY Pequea student… Thanks to our gracious PTO each student received a house t-shirt! These t-shirts are going to remain with the student throughout their career at Pequea Elementary School.  Please be sure to keep them in a safe spot at home, where your student only wears the shirt on Spirit Days at Pequea!  We understand the t-shirt will be large for some students as ALL students will be receiving the same size! Please feel free to modify the shirt (tie a knot, use a hair tie, etc) to make your student as comfortable as possible in their fancy new shirt!  Remember, this will be their only shirt given so you may not want to modify it too much…Lastly, during lunches on the First Friday of each month, the students will be sitting with their houses in the cafeteria. 

We look forward to our house activities and the many NEW ways to make school a wonderful experience for all of our students at Pequea!