October 18th – 22nd National School Bus Safety Week

This is a week to show our appreciation for each and every one of our drivers and all they do for us every day to ensure our students travel safely to and from school! Please join us in celebrating our drivers by:

  • Consider having your child(ren) make thank you cards, notes, pictures for their bus driver.

Monday, 10/18/21 – WEAR RED – Remind all your friends and family that “RED LIGHTS MEAN STOP”. Please remember to stop when you see our the red lights on our buses at bus stops.

Tuesday, 10/19/21 – WEAR YELLOW/BLACK – School buses are yellow because yellow is the most easily seen color in the dark. Additionally, the black stripes that run along the sides & back of the school bus are actually metal “rub rails”, and they act as an extra layer of protection for the thin wall panels of the vehicle. These rails are purposely placed in three locations on the side of the bus. The bottom rail is at the floor line, the middle line represents the bottom of the seats, and the top stripe indicates where the top of the seat is.

Wednesday, 10/20/21 – WEAR SUPERHERO ATTIRE – Our bus drivers are some of our community heroes as they put safety first!

Thursday, 10/21/21 – WEAR SWEATS – We don’t sweat bus safety as we know the danger zone! When we get on and off the bus, we see the driver and the driver sees us because we wait for the driver to tell us it’s safe to cross and walk beyond the safety bar on the front of the bus.

Friday, 10/22/21 – WEAR PEQUEA/PENN MANOR ATTIRE – Our drivers are part of our Penn Manor community and we are Penn Manor proud!