Pequea Point Break

It’s not too late to submit labels for the Pequea Point Break fundraiser! Students who turn in 5 or more labels will receive a pull-back race car!

This is the largest fundraiser of the school year and all funds raised support the school in many ways including field trips, assemblies, activities, etc. Please consider sending in your labels. If every student raises $35 we will meet our fundraising goal!

The goal is $13,000 and if we reach this goal, Dr. Murray, along with several other teachers, will dye their hair!! Yes, Dr. Murray will be sporting BLUE hair if we meet the goal!

Be sure to check out the flyer being sent home this week. It details the exciting incentives and prizes students may be eligible for. Thank you for your generous support of this fundraiser.

Pro-social lessons

Throughout this week, Dr. Murray joined every class for a lesson focused on pro-social behavior. Activities included a Kahoot game (for intermediate students), a discussion, and a video. Topics were:

  1. Items not permitted in schools
  2. If you see something, say something
  3. Drills & practice to be prepared in the event of an emergency
  4. Importance of listening during announcements and emergencies
  5. Bullying & harassment

Two videos:

The Bully – presented to grades 5-6

Elementary Safety Video – presented to grades K-4

Some questions to consider asking your child as a review:

  • Where is our school rally point? What is a rally point? Do you have a rally point at home?
  • What are some things not allowed in schools?
  • Who is allowed to open the exterior doors of the school?
  • What should they do if they see something that makes them uncomfortable?
  • Who is a “responsible adult”?

Attendance online excuse notes…

Parents may now submit excuse notes and early dismissal notes via their Sapphire Parent Portal instead of sending in paper notes.  To submit an early dismissal note, please write “Early Dismissal @ (TIME) for (REASON)” – i.e. “Early dismissal @ 2pm for doctor appt.” – in the space next to “Excuse Notes.”

Please click on the link below for detailed instructions.
Parent Letter – Excuse Notes in Sapphire

Please contact the school office if you have any questions.