Kid’s Heart Challenge All-Star!

Photo of Maggie

Maggie Rafter took it upon herself to ask permission to set up a table at her brother’s wrestling meet to sell baked goods and put all of her proceeds to her fundraising for our Kids Heart Challenge!
She sold all but 6 of her 90 bags of baked goods last night at the high school wrestling match!  She sold water bottles too and made $79 and got almost $25 in additional. donations!

Maggie is so determined to reach $500 this year that she is doing it again this Wednesday! Look for her this week at the wrestling match!

Kids Heart Challenge Logo

Random House Reward

Congratulations goes to the Amistad house! They are leading in points so far this week. Members of the Amistad house are invited to wear slippers at school tomorrow. Students should wear shoes to school and will wear them on the playground. Slippers will only be worn in the building.

Thursday’s Trivia!

Students are encouraged to take the time to answer the daily trivia questions this week. Each day this week, one question will be posted on our blog and Facebook page after school. Students can use resources and work with their families to locate the correct response. Students will then complete the Google Form to record their answer before the following school day. Winners will be randomly selected during morning announcements and will receive a poster of choice and a free al a carte treat from the cafeteria.