• Absences: Return excuse forms or written notes for absences to your child’s teacher immediately following absence (within three days). Email excuses are preferred. Excuses can also be submitted through the Sapphire Parent Portal.
  • Tardy: Students are tardy if they arrive at school after 9:00 am. You must provide a reason for the tardiness on an excuse card or written note.
  • Excuse Cards
  • Pre-Planned Trip Form


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Parents in grades three through 12 can view their child’s grades on our Sapphire Community Portal.

Sign up for Sapphire NOW so you can view your student’s progress in third-grade next year. Posted below are the directions to create an account.

  1. Sapphire Community Portal
  2. Select the Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form
  3. The keyword to sign up is comets.
  4. Your Community Web Portal User Account will be set up as soon as you mail your completed and signed Community Web Portal Registration to the address below, or give it your student’s homeroom teacher to submit to our Sapphire administrator.
Sapphire Administrator
2950 Charlestown Road
Lancaster, PA 17603
Contact our Sapphire Administrator at with any questions.